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Macbook Repair @ Chicago

Quality Service better than Genius Bar!

Liquid Damage

Did you know most liquid damaged devices are repairable? This is a common misconception and this false info is used by major companies to bump up their prices on repairs. Don’t be fooled! A common repair cost for a liquid damaged Macbook is around $200-400 and it all depends on the severity of the damage and the model of the computer, compared to what major companies do by replacing the whole board, costing up to $1-2k!

Power Issues

If you are facing battery-related issues or your Max is not turning on or there is no power, we can help you by tracking down the real problem. Our trained team of technicians knows how to fix such issues and for the longer run.  Our Macbook power issues repair services are highly affordable. We also perform MacBook batteries and Magsafe Power Adapters replacements. 

Display Issues

Whether your display has shattered accidentally or it is not working properly, all you need to do is to hand over your device to us and we will act swiftly to make it fixed.  Our team is skilled in handling issues of broken, damaged, cracked, front glass replacement, and screen repair/replacement depending upon the condition in which you bring it to us. We do our best to bring it back to work.


Heating problems in MacBook is a problem that should not be overlooked. Heating issues could be due to the failure of a cooling fan. We are experts in fixing heating issues and bring back your MacBook to work normally again. We can also replace faulty MacBook fans, repair excessive fan noise and fix overheating issues. 

Keyboard, Trackpad

If your keyboard is not functioning properly, we can help you by tracking down the issue and reaching its root cause. We take no time to bring it back to run smoothly again. Our door pick-up and drop-off facility, quick turnaround time, and reasonable prices for keyboard issues troubleshooting and repair services make us different from others.

USB Ports

If your MacBook USB port is not working well, get it quickly fixed by certified and experienced technicians at great prices. After fixing hardware issues, we keep your device under observation for a few hours to check its functionality and ensure that it is working absolutely perfectly. No matter how the USB port has been damaged, we can fix it for you with minimal downtime.

3 Months Warranty

We offer a industry leading 3 month warranty service that ensures your device stays long lasting. Our repairs are meant to last, hence, we believe in quality service, something most major manufactorers fail to provide.