Liquid Damage repair

Liquid Damage Repair

Have you mistakenly spilled a drink on your MacBook? Don’t worry when you have Skip Repairs at your service. It is a serious issue as the liquid can make its way to the logic board and other MacBook components, causing permanent damage to your device. Don’t try to turn the power on forcefully, as it can cause more harm to your device. Simply call us or bring your MacBook to us as we are the right people you should approach! Skip Repairs is a leading Mac Repair service provider and liquid damage repair expert. We can fix all models of Mac devices damaged due to spilling of any liquid. We have been doing this for a long time. That’s why you could trust us completely. We begin by initial inspection of the damage and determine if it could be repaired, or it simply needs replacement of the damaged parts. We carefully check the performance of every possible component before handing it over to you. Trust us for your Mac Liquid Damage Repair as we are faster and more cost-effective than other Mac repair options. A common repair cost for a liquid-damaged MacBook is around $200-400. It depends on the severity of the damage and the MacBook model, compared to what major companies do by replacing the whole board, costing up to $1-2k!

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