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Trackpad/Keyboard Repair and Replacement

Some of the common MacBook keyboard problems include some keys do not work properly, or keys stuck while writing, or your keyboard is not working at all. In all these cases, you need to consult MacBook repair experts like us. Skip Repairs is a trustable MacBook keyboard repair service provider. We begin by inspecting your keyboard and try to find out the cause of its improper functioning. If there is any liquid damage, then the chances of keyboard repair are less. In that case, we suggest a keyboard replacement. We have quality and branded keyboards with a year of warranty. If some of the keys are not functioning properly, we can help you track down the issue and reach its root cause. We take no time to bring it back to run smoothly again. Our door pick-up and drop-off facility, quick turnaround time, and reasonable prices for keyboard issues troubleshooting and repair services make us different from others. Feel free to call us anytime. Our Features:

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